04 November 2008

I, for one, am suspicious

Despite assertions to the contrary by the Republican campaign vice presidential candidate Sarah "Ramb-ette" Palin did not release her medical records yesterday. A two page letter from her GP saying that she's healthy no more suffices as a replacement for actual records than a letter from one's headmaster saying one was "rather clever" would be enough when submitting one's school records for entrance to university.

Call me cynical, and many have, but I reckon there's something here.


Anonymous said...

It's actually twice the length of the record Obama's physician released. And I'm curious if Biden's health records indicate his two aneurysms and hair plugs...


Jay Tea
Main Page Editor

Dave Hill said...

How about blogging about the results tonight?

yank in london said...

After my nap!!!

yank in london said...

After my nap!!!