30 April 2009

About this quantitive easing thing....

...if HM's government has cranked up the printing presses how come one still can't find a reasonably new fiver for love nor money?

I'm just asking.

Note: I may or may not have spent several minutes trying to get a ticket machine to take an ancient and revered five pound note this morning before re-queuing for the machine that would actually take debit cards....

27 April 2009

Because the internet is there to help...

...Google Maps is happy to provide a H1N1 Swine Flu Map; although they do seem to have forgotten New Zealand.

Note to Israelis: this is also known as a Mexican Flu map so you don't have to mention the S***E!

I don't think the Mexicans are going to like this

According to Israel's Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, a member of fundamentalist United Torah Judaism party, no one in Israel we be allowed to contract or die of the Swine Flu. All Israeli citizens will have to contract or die of the lesser known "Mexican Flu" instead. Well at least this pandemic didn't happen during Passover!

Note: I can just imagine hordes of American wing nuts heaping scorn and worse on any Muslim who might have made the same declaration. I wait with bated breath....

20 April 2009

Shooting fish in a barrel

Over at Global Politician one Professor Barry Rubin tries to demonstrate his in depth knowledge of the Middle East by dissecting an argument made by a "young man" about that critical Middle Eastern country, Afghanistan; a country separated from the "Middle East" by hundreds of miles, if not more.

14 April 2009

Perhaps there is a God....

...as Newt Gingrich, serial divorcer and general scumbag, considers seeking the Republi-con Presidential nomination next time around. Should he run I confess I am conflicted as to whether Mr. Gingrich or Ms. Palin might do the party more damage. Perhaps she would settle for second fiddle again.