04 March 2010

Double reverse irony

The British House of Lords has passed an amendment that will outlaw caste based discrimination in the workplace.

Isn't the House of Lords the ultimate exercise in caste based discrimination?


mtconleyuk said...

I frankly have no problem whatsoever with an unelected House of Lords. My observation is that it's one of the few things that's prevented Commons and the Government from turning this into a complete police state.

I fail to see how extending the worthless system of campaigning and elections that passes for democracy in the West to the Lords could possibly improve it.

yank in london said...

Well that certainly is an argument to be considered. However the fact that the esteemed upper house is full of Mandelsons and Ascrofts argues the other way.

mtconleyuk said...

Sure, but look at the Other Place. Fat lot of good 'democracy's' done for anyone there.