25 January 2008

This is either terribly ironic...

...or the case of the perfect man for the job. Paul "Is There Enough Spit in My Hair" Wolfowitz has been appointed head of the US Department of State's International Security Advisory Board whose role is primarily related to arms control. According to the New York Times article the Board used to provide "insight" to the Secretary of State, Conocoleezza Rice. I can only assume that this will be replaced with wild hallucination and fantasy.

In other ways Mr. Wolfowitz, who has spent much of the past few years being forced out of jobs for various improprieties, is perfect for this job. He can imagine the pariah state of his choice to be in posses ion of non-existent weapons of mass destruction. When said state is then found not to have any such weapons, after a messy and illegal invasion, he can then claim that this is only due to his extreme efforts as an "arms control" official. (No additional thought required.)

I can only assume that this position does not require Senate confirmation because, even with the current batch of inept and impotent Democrats in charge, there is no way that is going to happen.

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