25 April 2008

American Family Association promotes open-mouthed HO-MO-SEXUAL snogging!

I received the following in a rather strident and often hysterical email from the American Family Association this morning:

Procter & Gamble promotes explicit open-mouth homosexual kissing.

Scene included in this alert!

April 24, 2008

Dear Yank in London,

Procter & Gamble has resumed using explicit, open-mouth homosexual kissing in their soap opera, "As the World Turns." P&G decided to include this type of content as a commitment to "diversity." P&G stopped showing such scenes some months ago, but has now decided to again help promote the homosexual agenda which includes homosexual marriage.

Gay activists are hopeful that the P&G effort will desensitize viewers to the homosexual lifestyle and help make the unhealthy and immoral lifestyle more acceptable to society, especially to children and youth.

View a scene from the April 23, 2008 episode by P&G. WARNING – content is repulsive!

"As the World Turns" is owned and controlled completely by P&G. No network made this decision. P&G alone made the decision to support the homosexual agenda.

And, in order to demonstrate the depravity of Proctor and Gamble, they have embedded the clip on their web site where it will undoubtedly get tens of thousands of views from sexually repressed but "not now nor never have been gay" Christians. Should you not wish to grace the AFA with your presence you may watch the hotter-than-hot (not) clip below.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I used the AFA webpage to send and action alert applauding P&G!