20 January 2009

Credit where credit is due

Assuming that the story that yesterday's commutation of sentence for the two US Border Patrol ex-officers convicted of covering up the murder of a Mexican drug dealer are indeed the last of Captain Codpiece's acts of mercy I have to congratulate him on getting it just right. Unlike Bill Clinton's distasteful final flourish the Captain has been sparing and, thankfully, avoided the wholesale, pre-emptive pardons of his criminal cronies, including "I'm a Big" Dick Cheney and "Gone-zo" Gonzales, the rabid right wing has been trying to push him to making.

Even the fact that he commuted the sentences of the two ex-border guards, who had become poster children for the wing nut community, rather than pardoning their crime is, I believe, the right thing.

So let it never be said that I never complemented Captain Codpiece on anything; even though it had to wait for his ultimate day!

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