21 December 2007

So what's St. Tony been up to lately?

So has our former Prime Minister and Captain Codpiece's second favourite lap dog, St. Tony Blair, brought peace to the middle east as he settles into his role as a peace envoy. Well, sadly, no. He has however managed to arrange for a special express lane to Bethlehem for Christians so that they do not have to suffer the indignities that the unfortunate but sub-human Palestinians have to in order to pass from the illegally occupied territories into Israel. This is especially important at this time of year as the Christmases of these wealthy and predominately white "pilgrims" should not have to be ruined by their have to look on the suffering of others. This approach will obviously be effective as we all know that in order to be truly evil one must be either Muslim or brown; preferably Muslim and brown.

Clearly St. Tony is thinking inside the box.

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