17 January 2008

Neither a grammarian nor a speller be!

The following is taken verbatim, including spelling, from a comment by someone who calls him or herself Blind_Mule over on Ms. Malkin's website. He or she is, I believe, attempting to discuss the intellectual inferiority of those who might be left of centre. Enjoy!

It’s obvious their is a stark difference if you talk to anyone on the left on just about any subject, their view’s of the world in general are scewed in some way. The left are not thinker’s they let their so called leader’s and MSM tell them what to think. Conservitive’s are thinker’s and don’t just take anyone’s word for anything, in my experience you will find differing view’s on just about any subject, Conservitive’s seem to want to find the truth about a subject that is supported by fact’s and don’t buy into the left’s or MSM “trust me I know what I’m talking about” montra. When I talk to liberal’s all I’ve ever heard is a regergitation of what the MSM or Liberal leader’s say, tow the party line should be their slogan. The Missouri slogan hold’s true for me and many other’s across this great state “THE SHOW ME STATE” in Politic’s you had better Show Me with action’s not word’s.

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