02 April 2008

Ah, but which one?

Hillary Clinton, desperate to win big in PA, has compared herself to Philly's great fictional hero, Rocky Balboa. This claim leaves so many unanswered questions:
  • Is she the low life bum and enforcer for a loan shark from the original "Rocky" and does she remember this one loses?
  • Is she the valiant champion from "Rocky II" who only wins because he gets up when the other bloke doesn't?
  • Has she fallen to the depth of dispair that is "Rocky III" and is she frightened of Mr. T?
  • Is she the bold cold warrior of "Rocky IV" whose great courage leads her to victory over the scientifically trained yet flawed Russian Ivan Drago?
  • Is she the retired boxer (politician?) of "Rocky IV" struggling to elevate the career of a young, arrogant shithead?
  • Has anyone actually seen "Rocky Balboa"? What does she become?
I also wonder where this leaves the other personae in the "Race to the White House 2008". Is Bill the long suffering, none too clever and rather homely Adrian?

Is Osama Obama the ever patriotic Apollo Creed?

And last but not least is John McCain the wayward,drunken, violent and generally confused Pauli?

I can't wait to find out!

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