17 April 2008

Captain Codpiece meets Il Papa!

But what did the talk about?

Maybe they had a chat about the incredible success of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, or not.

Perhaps they discussed the Captain's illustrious record as the Great Helmsman of Texas and how he meted out Old Testament punishments, or not.

They might have then had a wee chat about Bush's economic philosophy centred on unfettered "free" market capitalism, or not.

Given what Our Great Leader planned to talk about later in the day they could have touched on the American crusade against action against climate change, or not.

At the very least they must have traded opinions on the New 7 Deadly Sins given Dubya's exemplary record combating pollution and ensuring that wealth creation does not create a new mega-rich elite at the expense of the poor, or not.

I reckon that just leaves abortion then.

It's a good thing that the Pope's a busy man and there wasn't much time to kill.

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