17 April 2008

Addressing the top issues of the day

As I was comfortably asleep during yesterday's Democratic debate in Philly, at least until that fucking car alarm went off, I was spared having to watch it. I did, however, find the strength to read through the transcript and I can only say - WTF? Did these guys really think that these are the sorts of questions that would be useful in determining who ought to be President of the US?

I took a few notes. The most popular theme seemed to be "why won't you admit guns are sacred gifts from God" with three questions from the annoyance that is Charles Gibson and one from the suave Greekness of George Stephanopoulos. This was closely followed by Mr. G's deep concern about his capital gains tax rates. (He must have some property that he can't unload until there's a new president.) He asked three separate questions about this whilst Mr. S. had one wimpy question about raising taxes when the economy's in the shitter.

Branching out from there we find Obama's choice of pastor to be a popular topic with two questions from Mr. G and one from Mr. S. focusing on why Obama would listen to such a madman and allowing Hillary to admit that she would have honourably run screaming from the church at Rev. Wright's first utterance.

Then Iraq was also popular as Mr. G. wanted to know why these two would even consider pulling out of Iraq as it was obviously the wrong thing to do as the generals on the ground would tell them! Three extremely leading questions here (I wanted to jump out my chair and object but then realised I was three thousand miles away and it wasn't a courtroom.)

I also liked the "why can't you two just get along and pick each other as VP" questions along with the "you don't really think you can beat McCain" enquiries.

But my absolute favourite was the voter video question, selected by Mr. G., that asked "are you and your wardrobe patriotic enough to be President".

Anyone who made their mind up based on this dismal performance from ABC ought to be barred from voting!

Note: Will Bunch isn't full of praise for the performance of the interogators moderators either!

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