25 October 2008

Now this is interesting

In today's Independent the eminent Middle East reporter Robert Fisk reports that the Iraqi police believed that Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal was in the employ of the American "intelligence" services shortly before the illegal invasion of Iraq in yet another failed attempt to build a link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.


Erich I said...

I know those in the antiwar camp of the left don't care about the facts but Saddam's goons and al Qaeda's thugs long ago admitted the two sides cooperated pre and post invasion. see www.regimeofterror.com if you care about facts more than smearing the U.S. and George Bush.

yank in london said...

Should you have any facts in this regard I suggest you contact the CIA immediately. They have been looking for proof of this connection ever since claiming in existed in the run up to the illegal invasion. (Also if you know where any of those pesky Weapons of Mass Destruction might be you should probably mention that as well.)

Now if you are truly looking for associations between national governments and al Qaeda I suggest you have a good hard look at long time American "allies" Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.