16 October 2008

On the letters page of The Guardian...

...a right wing libetarian explains the causes of the current financial crisis. If I may paraphrase Mr. Holcbert of the Ayn Rand Center: "too much regulation". I feel obligated to share the letter with you in it's lunatic entirety below.

"President Bush said the US government will 'aggressively' use a 'wide range of tools' to resolve the financial crisis. Apparently, Bush's 'wide range of tools'" is not wide enough to contain a single free market policy. All the 'tools' our government has aggressively used to date - bail-outs, takeovers, bans on short selling, manipulation of interest rates, creation of fiat money out of thin air, increased spending - have been yanked right out of the socialist and fascist toolkits.

We will only get out of the mess created by our government if it cans all of those 'tools' that got us where we are and starts freeing the market from its statist policies."

David Holcberg

Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, Washington DC

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