24 October 2007

Rudy's new old friend

As if his defence of Bernie Kerik was not bad enough now it now turns out that Rudy has hired a (sort of ex-)priest who has been accused of child abuse to work in his consulting firm. The priest in question, one Monsignor Alan Placa, has not been charged of any sexual offences possibly due to the expiration of the statute of limitations but is now longer allowed by the Roman Catholic church to perform "priestly duties" or to appear in public as a priest. He stands accused of fondling young male students at a Roman Catholic school in New York.

Rudy has been staunch in his defence of his old friend, who married Rudy once, noting that he has not been convicted of any crime. My question would be what skills and talents does this (sort of ex-)priest have to offer Rudy's management consulting firm or is this just a non-job to keep Msgr. Placa in underwear and whiskey?

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