24 January 2008

Was this the ulterior motive?

It seems that the state of Israel is claiming that it no longer wants to illegally occupy Gaza now that the blockaded Gazans, who were being collectively punished by Israel in violation of international law, have broken down the barrier between the strip and Egypt in order to buy food and fuel that was being illegally denied them by Israel. (I have noticed with some disgust that a number of right wing sites and even some newspapers, have sneeringly referred to this as the Gazans "going shopping" as if they were out to pick a pair of Ferragamo for that cocktail party on Saturday night.) If Israel decides to drop its responsibility as the occupying entity, a responsibility that they have never fully acknowledged, will the international community allow them to get away with it and if they do so will this eliminate Captain Codpiece's half-hearted call for a contiguous Palestinian state?

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