11 March 2008

Shorter Dennis Campbell

"Jesus is a Wing Nut and so is his Dad!" You must read the whole piece. It is too preposterous to attempt to abridge (but not too preposterous to mock).


Anonymous said...

I read the piece. Makes sense to me, although to any idiot who would support Kucinich it probably does not. Socialists are such morons!

yank in london said...

Thank you. I always knew I was something; I reckon I was just too stupid to realise I was an idiot!

Anonymous said...

That is quite perceptive of you. Much more so than one would expect of the typical leftwing moonbat. We can only hope that it is the prelude to actual thinking, which would begin moving you to the right. Ah, probably not...much easier and, in your case, probably much more fun to remain ignorant and stupid.