01 March 2008

Since when has Jonah Goldberg been a judicial activist?

Everyone's favourite idiot has a column on the National Review website in which he whinges about the raising of the issue of John McCain's birthplace and whether or not he is therefore disqualified from being US President. Now I really don't think that being born in the Panama Canal Zone, which was righteously stolen from first Colombia then from Panama, should prevent McCain from coming in second in November. However if you want to take a strict constructionist interpretation of the meaning of "natural born citizen" it is certain that the writers of the US Constitution would never have conceived of the United States having a colonial possession nor would they have expected American soldiers and their families to be stationed outside of the United States. Hell they certainly did not expect the country to have a standing army hence all that trouble with the second amendment.

So Jonah, if you are going to take latitudes in this case, as you clearly are, you aren't allowed to argue against them later, OK?

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