04 October 2008

Does this mean I'm on the "no fly list" now?

Nutcake Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar, who has offered a trillion dollars he doesn't have to anyone who can "prove" evolution to his satisfaction, a feat that is undoubtedly impossible, has now linked Darwinists to terrorism because Muslims couldn't possibly do these things!

Darwin akbar!!!!

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European said...


- For CONCEALING FOSSILS unearthed from below the ground,
- For keeping 100 MILLION FOSSILS, that have remained unchanged for millions of years, hidden away from the public eye,
- For never admitting they have NOT EVEN A SINGLE INTERMEDIATE FORM FOSSIL,
- For concealing for years the fact that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR PROTEINS TO FORM BY CHANCE,
For FABRICATING FAKE SKULLS and producing them as evidence of the imaginary evolution of man,
- For portraying the Piltdown Man hoax, MADE BY ADDING AN ORANGUTAN JAW TO A HUMAN CRANIUM and filing down its teeth, as an intermediate form and for deceiving people by exhibiting it in a museum as alleged evidence of evolution for the next 40 years,
- For inventing the hoax intermediate Nebraska Man FROM A SINGLE WILD PIG TOOTH, producing false reconstructions to give people the impression that such a being had ever existed, and deceiving them still further BY PRODUCING PICTURES OF THIS NON-EXISTENT ENTITY’S WHOLE FAMILY,
- For the way they for years depicted Haeckel’s FORGED EMBRYO DRAWINGS, produced with the aim of proving the lie that human embryos possess gills, as evidence for evolution,
- For the way they are still displaying THE SEQUENCE FOR THE EVOLUTION OF THE HORSE, WHICH EVEN THEY ADMIT TO BE FALSE, in museums,
- For dishonestly depicting moths THEY GLUED ONTO TREE TRUNKS as “industrial revolution moths that had evolved by way of natural selection,”
- For depicting the Coelacanth, WHICH STILL LIVES IN DEEP SEA WATERS TODAY, as an intermediate form,
- For CONCEALING fossils of complex life forms dating back to the Cambrian Period FOR NO LESS THAN 70 YEARS, out of concern these would totally discredit evolution,
- For ADDING FEATHERS TO FOSSIL DINOSAURS and trying to pass this off as an intermediate form when they were unable to find any genuine intermediate form fossils to prove Darwinism,
- For persisting in the FRAUD THAT LIFE FORMS GRADUALLY EVOLVED FROM THE PRIMITIVE TO THE MORE ADVANCED, even though they know perfectly well that the first organisms with characteristics of a similar complexity to those of present-day life forms appeared suddenly and simultaneously in the Cambrian Period, some 530 million years ago,
- For portraying mutation experiments as evidence for evolution, despite knowing full well that mutations do nothing but harm organisms, and for years reiterating THE LIE THAT MUTATIONS LEAD TO EVOLUTION,
- And for so long teaching students in all schools and universities the deception that “chance causes evolution” AS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.