15 February 2008

And you think you have the boss from Hell!

It could be far worse. You could be in the employ of Barbara Amiel, aka Mrs. Conrad Black. In her most recent column in Macleans Magazine she discusses her saintly treatment of her 70-year old houseboy, Werner. (Is there no retirement age in Canada?) Werner, whose father apparently once was chauffeur for Joseph Goebbels, is less than enamoured of the portrait of Dr. Goebbels hanging in Ms. Amiel's Toronto living room. (Alas it won't be Baron Black of Crossharbour's living room again for some considerable time as he is to spend the next several years residing in the US.) Poor Werner is also often treated to the strains of Wagner by the extremely considerate Ms. Amiel.

Should Ms. Amiel be discovered at some point in the future horribly murdered and mutilated I would think that Royal Canadian Mounted Police might do well to have a word with Werner about his whereabouts at the time although a defence of justifiable homicide would certainly be possibly should he ever be prosecuted for such a deed!

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