02 February 2008

Beneath contempt

If the reports out of Iraq are correct and the two "suicide" bombers from yesterday were in fact women with Downs Syndrome I lack the words to describe how reprehensible this is; truly the act of depraved and evil men (or women).

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Gregorio said...

This is actually not a new low at all, nor beneath contempt, unless you despise already the recruitment policies of the US military. The practice has been institutionalized by the Pentagon, with pressure for new recruits causing the lowering of standards for intelligence and educational accomplishment. Recruiters lure the ignorant and credulous with promises of school tuitions instead of candy, and those who survive are abandoned to the VA charnel house if they don’t kill themselves. The really obtuse are sent back again and again on the promise of medals and ribbons, and for shared sense of belonging with others of their IQ level who derive their sense of worth from the domination and humiliation of innocent Iraqi citizens. What Al-Qaeda did is nothing compared to the US military. These poor women were at least not laboring under the delusion that the destruction caused unknowingly by them would be welcomed gratifyingly by the people in the market, unlike US troops who, in their mentally-challenged states, can't understand why the people whose lives and property they destroy aren't more appreciative of attempts to make their lives better with explosives. Now that idea is indeed beneath contempt.