12 February 2008

It's about bloody time

In my somewhere-around-a-decade-long marriage* I don't believe I ever managed to buy an item of apparel, with the possible exception of a woolly jumper, for my wife that fit. I learned to retain all receipts! I have long believed that the there is a way to make sense of the sizes of women's clothes but that it certainly involves the utilisation of pi and probably both imaginary numbers and the Planck length as well. In any case I never worked out the formula and to this day I am both intimidated and mystified by women's clothing sizes.

Well finally the Spanish government, run by Socialists, is going to do something about it. Well done!

Now if I could just remember the difference between British and American shoe sizes.

*Don't pick on me for not knowing exactly how long my marriage lasted. It is much easier to recall when a marriage began (I still know the precise date) than to work out when it ended!

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