11 February 2008

Time for the "Save Barack - Vote Hillary" campaign buttons?

Doris Lessing, this year's Nobel Prize winner in literature, has never been afraid of controversy. She has predicted that Barack Obama will be assassinated if he wins the presidency.
"He would certainly not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would murder him."
(Being a British tabloid the Mirror goes on to note that Obama is the bookies favourite to win the whole shebang.)

The trouble is Ms. Lessing may be right. There are certainly enough committed racist madmen in America. Thank heavens they can't own guns!


Mike said...

Just the other day on Radio 4's The News Quiz, one of the panelists quipped that the question wasn't whether America was ready for its first black president, the question was whether America was ready for the assassination of its first black president.

Clearly, people on this side of the pond don't think much of US racial harmony.

yank in london said...

I think they are probably right!