26 August 2008

And the winner is [drumroll]

At least according to the patented Yank in London modified Beijing Olympics medal table methodology Jamaica escaped with a fairly narrow victory over regional rivals the Bahamas, 14.6 points per million to 13.0 ppm. A late surge by Iceland, who won a silver medal in something, saw them leap from literally nowhere into third position on the final day with 9.87 ppm. Bahrain (6.96 ppm) and Norway (6.89 ppm) round out the top 5. Australia ended up in 7th; one position worse then their 6th place finish in the traditional table. Great Britain (whatever happened to Northern Ireland) finished in 21st place on 2.44 ppm. The US managed to struggle up to 44th position on 1.09 ppm and hosts China ended up in a disappointing 64th position. Bringing up the rear of the medalling nations was India, forever ruing the exclusion of cricket as an Olympic sport!

(Sorry for the delay in reporting the results. Busy bank holiday what with barbies and carnivals to attend. At least I have had my annual dose of curried goat, jerk chicken, salt fish & ackee and rice and gungo peas!)

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