07 August 2008

Somehow I don't think that they've actually thought this through!

The World Congress for Families has decided to hold it's next annual in shindig in Amsterdam. Now I think that the Netherlands is an incredibly family friendly country; what with significant legally mandated maternity and paternity leave, flex hour requirements for workers with children, state run child care and universal health care. But somehow I don't think that those are the sorts of things that this American dominated right wing organisation is looking for. So add to the fact that they will be meeting in one of the most socialist states in Europe, even when they are run by what the Dutch consider to be right wing party, the cannabis cafes (you just can't smoke tobacco in them), the brothels and a decidedly un-Christian (in an American but not in a Christian sense) culture I think this might not turn out as planned. At least they won't be getting arrested for their shameful behaviour.

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